Hello, my name is David, I am a hobby photographer from Stuttgart, Germany.
In Jan 2013 I went to Thorsten von Overgaard’s London photography workshop; Thorsten encouraged us, to put our stuff online, in order to critically review it, first for yourself and possibly also to get some feedback from non-family members At the same time this is also a good exercise to remind oneself to put photos online, hopefully on a regular basis.  Moreover, it is also interesting to look at and see one’s own development and hopefully getting better over time
Great inspiration and tips & tricks I got from several photography workshops with Andreas Martin. The highlights here have been the trips to Venice and Paris. To improve my B&W photography I got great inspiration from the workshops with Paul Gallagher (Aspect2i.co.uk) and in 2016 and 2017 with Edmund Bugdoll (Fotoakademie München). Here the highlights were the two B&W workshops in Venice and in Sylt.

Even if one is only doing this for oneself, it is great fun and you learn something new (WordPress, hosting, etc.)

Therefore, be blunt, any feedback is welcome

Good light!

Equipment used most of the time: Nikon & Leica which I was lucky to inherit from my dad.

001-1083 - ich Dez 2015 - M(246) Nocti & 90er-4


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  1. Thomas Wiemer

    Grüße aus Lehrte und Danke für die Tipps am Wochenende. Ich habe mir mit Begeisterung deine Bilder angeschaut und bin gespannt auf weiteres…….und wo war die Nähmaschine?
    Gruß Thomas

  2. admin

    Hallo Thomas,
    sorry, war die ganze letzte Woche beruflich unterwegs.
    Die Nähmaschine war im ersten Raum links, wenn man aus dem großen Ballsaal durch die linke Tür ging. Dort wo es dann auch in den Keller geht.
    Bin dabei eine Reihe in B&W zu erstellen, feile aber noch am einheitlichen Bildlook

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